Mirotone UI Components

A set of components and utilities in a Figma library to help you design apps that follow the visual language from Mirotone. To get the library, just head to the link below and copy it to your own Figma account:

Mirotone UI Components - Figma

Mirotone UI Flows NEW

Also included with the library is a set of documented flows & templates with examples for authentication, onboarding and more, to help you structure your app with minimal effort.

You can find it on the Templates & Flows page in the Figma library and re-use them as you want. If you just want to browse the flows, you can them listed in the following pages in this documentation.

For example, this is the recommended onboarding flow for apps:

Getting Started

If you are unfamiliar with Figma, check out this video walkthrough to learn how to get started with the library: